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Hall of Fame Paintings


There was no question that Mary Lou Retton’s moment on the medal podium would be the focal point of her Hall of Fame painting. Retton captured America’s hearts that night at the 1984 Olympic Games, vaulting her way to a perfect 10 to become the first American woman to win the all-around gymnastics gold medal. She redefined U.S. women’s gymnastics in Los Angeles and became America’s Sweetheart.


Otterstad added a lot of American flags in the background, so there was no question it was the 1984 Games and brought the orange and red banners that were in the rafters down into the frame.


 “Moving the banners offered added an element of diverse color in there that sort of grounded the piece a little bit,’’ he said. “The photo images of her that night are Mary Lou, red-white-and-blue. They can’t show you the contrast in the background.’’

May Lou Retton 36x96.jpg
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