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Our Impact

The Sports Authority Foundation's impact reaches farther than just our events. The work we do sets the foundation for Houston youth to live happier, healthier, and more active lifestyles. Our impact also reaches all of those individuals who volunteer and partner with us. Without their support and help, none of this would be possible. However, with your help, we know we can make an even greater impact on our community.  

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Dollars Donated
Youth Participants
Since 2017
I enjoy the family atmosphere, and I feel appreciated when I volunteer for events, I have made many friends, and I know I will continue to make more. Finally, I love being able to have an inside look at how these amazing events work. It's a great feeling giving your time and being part of a community.


Gary Kimball

I always learn something new about a sport or the athletes who participate in it, the staff are such great kids-smart, funny and gracious and I appreciate the hard work and planning that goes into an event. I volunteer because it gives me the chance to meet some great people.


Joanne Patten

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