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Olympic &
paralympic day

Olympic & Paralympic Day is a celebration of the Olympic & Paralympic movements and the joy of sport by millions of people around the world. Held annually on June 23 and known worldwide as Olympic Day, the USOPC worked in partnership with the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee to recognize the day as Olympic & Paralympic Day in the United States, beginning in 2020. The day celebrates fitness, well-being, sport culture and educational opportunities, while promoting the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect, and the Paralympic values of determination, inspiration, courage and equality.

Each year Houston Olympians & Paralympians from the United States Olympic & Paralympic Association come together and teach over 250 children how to play various sports, including tennis, baseball, track and field, taekwondo, boxing, gymnastics, bobsled, basketball, and sitting volleyball. The day features athlete appearances, lunch, autographs, and an Olympian & Paralympian Q&A session.

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