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Hall of Fame Paintings


June 25, 2019-0F5A0872.jpg

A.J. Foyt’s panel is the most complicated of the first seven paintings. Opie Otterstad used different textures on the panel and many different things are going on. You’ll see the milk bottle, the wreath, and the trophy from his fourth Indianapolis 500 win in 1977. You’ll also see some dirt on his face and – one of Otterstad’s favorites – is ABC Wide World of Sports reporter Bill Flemming with his microphone in the corner, ready to interview Foyt.


“Auto racing is a weird thing because you do this very grueling, very intense thing, and you’re a sweaty mess when you climb out of the car and then the cameras are going off,’’ Otterstad said. “That first victory he had when he came out of the car, he had dirt on his face and raccoon goggles on his eyes. It’s not the most photogenic sport after a victory like that, but after his fourth one, I think he had it a little dialed in and he was ready to go as far as the pictures.’’

AJ Foyt 9x24.png
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