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Hall of Fame Paintings



Nothing beats being carried off by your team and being paraded around the Astrodome after a significant win.


In 1973, UH’s head football coach, Coach Bill Yeoman won his second Bowl game during the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl, ending the season with an 11-1 record.


Yeoman sat upon two of his player’s shoulders as he was being celebrated. Otterstad liked that in the photo, he saw “a white guy on one leg and a black guy on the other.” He believed this was a great representation of Yeoman’s legacy, showcasing his role in integrating college football.


“It took quite a while to figure out the color of his field pass… so I bought it for $30 online.” It was better to do that because I was so tired of painting his tweed pants. “It took as long to paint the pants as it did the rest of the painting,” said Otterstad.


University of Houston’s Coach Bill Yeoman and Coach Guy V. Lewis have similarities, but Otterstad didn’t want their paintings to be identical in celebrating their accomplishments.

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