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Hall of Fame Paintings


Nolan Ryan was a larger-than-life figure in the 1980s – even to his teammates in the clubhouse. To kids like Opie Otterstad, who ran around the Astrodome every night with Ryan’s sons – Reid and Reese -- he was a superhero.


When Otterstad painted Ryan, he made sure the Ryan Express was in the Astrodome, and he spared no detail in evoking the memories of the game’s strikeout leader and what was then the Eighth Wonder of the Word. 


He ensured that the animated Texas Cowboy was on the scoreboard behind Ryan and the roof and that Kelly Green Astroturf was in the panel. Look closely, and you’ll see the Astros are playing the Dodgers.


“It’s all very unique to a time in Houston sports history,’’ Otterstad said, “and Nolan was the king of that time.’’

Nolan Ryan Painting.png
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