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Hall of Fame Paintings


June 25, 2019-0F5A0855.jpg

Dan Pastorini was full of swagger and confidence and became the soul of the Luv Ya Blue Oilers in the late 1970s. He was as tough as they come on the field, with a touch of Hollywood thrown in for good measure.


“Dan was kind of the Burt Reynolds of football in the 70s,’’ Opie Otterstad said. “He was our Joe Namath. He wore the big cowboy hat, the big coats, and was the sex symbol of the team.’’


Otterstad slid Pastorini into the background of Hall of Famer Earl Campbell’s painting in 2018, and he slid Coach Bum Phillips – in his trademark cowboy hat -- into Pastorini’s 2019 panel. The painting is also dotted with signs, Columbia blue pompons, and a banner with Phillips’ famous quote about kicking the door in Pittsburgh.

D Pastorini 9x24.png
June 25, 2019-0F5A0810.jpg
June 25, 2019-0F5A0807.jpg
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