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In 1988, Craig Biggio began his career with the Houston Astros, going 0-13 at the plate.  But on June 28, 2007, almost 19 years to the day later, he had done what no Houston Astro had ever done before and joined the 3,000-hit club.


The Astros drafted Craig Biggio in the first round of the 1987 draft.  He went on to play his entire 20-year career in an Astros uniform and is often regarded as the greatest all-around player in team history.


Craig Biggio and former teammate Jeff Bagwell were presenters at the inaugural Houston Sports Awards in 2018.

In 1989, Biggio became the Astros starting catcher, and in that same year, he won his first of five Silver Slugger Awards and in 1991, was named to his first of seven all-star games.


By 1992, the Astros convinced Craig to make a move to second base, where he again earned All-Star recognition, making him the first player in the history of baseball to be an All-Star at both catcher and second base.

Watch Craig Biggio interview with Kevin Eschenfelder on, the "Red Carpet" at the  2021 Houston Sports Awards.

Biggio became the ultimate leadoff hitters of his time with consistency, hustle, and power, making him a pitcher's worst nightmare. He holds the National League record for most home runs to lead off a game with 53, as well as the modern-era career hit-by-a-pitch record of 267. His body armor became a core part of his uniform, but he took it in stride and even sent his arm guard to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Craig's career also became synonymous with first-baseman Jeff Bagwell, and the tandem became known as the Killer B's throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s. During their ten seasons together from 1994-2003, they appeared in nine all-star games, won five Gold Gloves, and ranked in the top five of MVP votes five times. The pair would ultimately help lead the Astros to their first World Series 2005.

Craig Biggio and Harris County - Houston Sports Authority CEO Janis Burke on the day his induction into the Houston Sports Hall of Fame is announced.

As one of the most admired players of his generation, Biggio received the 2005 Hutch Award for perseverance through adversity as well as the 2007 Roberto Clemente Award.  He also spent most of his career as the face of the Sunshine Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer, in which Biggio still supports to this day.


After 20 seasons with the Astros, Biggio announced his retirement and on September 30, 2007, before a sellout crowd, he tipped his cap to a standing ovation.

Watch the introduction of Criag Biggio l by Frankie Anthony a former "Sunshine Kid" and former teammate Brad Ausmus at the 2021 Houston Sports Awards

Biggio finished his career with 3060 hits, 668 doubles, 291 home runs, and 414 stolen bases. One year later, the Houston Astros retired #7. Craig was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015 and is the first hall member to be depicted in an Astros uniform.

One of Craig's passions is the organization called Sunshine Kids that is non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer.


Craig Biggio and Harris County - Houston Sports Authority Chairman of the Board Kenny Friedman unveil Craig's plaque on the Walk of Fame in downtown Houston.

2021_01_13 HSHOF 2021 Announce 3844.jpg

On the day of his Hall of Fame announcement, Biggio signs commemorative trading cards and baseballs.

2021_01_13 HSHOF 2021 Announce 3851.jpg

Knot Standard was on hand at Biggio's Hall of Fame announcement to fit him for his HOF jacket.  From its inception, Knot Stanard has been the sole provider of all the Houston Sports Hall of Fame jackets that each recipient receives at their induction during the Houston Sports Awards.

Trae the Truth and Craig Biggio at the 2021 Houston Sports Awards

Craig poses with both the actual plaque on the Walk of Fame as well as the commemorative versions

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