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AIM's inaugural Adapted Sports Day was hosted on Saturday, September 17, at The Zone in Houston, Texas. Athletes from all over Houston came together to participate in various sports coached by Paralympian athletes. Educational sessions were also hosted for adults and parents interested in learning more about local and educational opportunities.  

ADAPTED SPORTS tryout stations (youth & aDULT)

Wheelchair basketball | ages 6-17 + adult

sitting volleyball | ages 6-17 + adult

Pickleball | ages 6-17 + adult

Recumbent Cycling | adult

educational Seminars - Keynote Speakers

Understanding the Pathway to college

doug-garner-portrait (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Doug Garner
Head Coach UTA Wheelchair basketball

My Journey

images (1).jpg

Darlene Hunter
3-Time Wheelchair basketball Paralympian
UTA Professor & President of National Wheelchair basketball association

Grant Application Process

Patrick Lawrence.jpg

Patrick Lawrence
Challenged Athletes Foundation


Pam Fontaine.jpg

PaM Fontaine

4-time Paralympian medalist

Table Tennis & Wheelchair Basketball

Gina 04 Athens.JPG

Gina McWilliams

3-time Paralympian medalist

sitting Volleyball

Kari Ortiz.jpg

Kari ortiz

Paralympian medalist

sitting Volleyball

Jillian Coffee.jpg

Jillian Coffee

Paralympian medalist

sitting Volleyball

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